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The best ideas for decorating with scented candles

You can use scented candles with small stones. To do this, place the small stones in a tray and then put the candles between the stones. For a nice effect, you can also hang the candles on the wall. Put them in small transparent glasses and hang them on wooden planks or glued to the wall.

Alternatively, place your decorative candles on a mirror. The reflexivity of the light from the candles is an added bonus and immerses you in a picturesque environment.

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Scented candles: where to find them

It is easy to find scented candles. Whether in shops selling scented objects or on online sales sites. All these platforms and shops offer you a wide range of shapes and scents of decorative candles. You will certainly find the right one for you. For example, you can buy scented candles of this french brand online. Prices vary according to the type, colours and quantity of candles. It is advisable to check the quality of the candles before buying.

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