Scented candles for cocooning
Winter is the least pleasant time of the year. It is the season of howling winds, lashing rain and plummeting temperatures. The days are darker, shorter and going outside quickly becomes a chore.

All we can do at this time is to find ways to comfort ourselves. As unpleasant as the weather becomes, it lets us appreciate the light and warms of our homes all the more as we stare out at all the unpleasantness. To that end, we should make the most of it. Maximise the time we spend indoors by creating the perfect little cocooning area so we can rest in total comfort and peace.

Gather Soft Things

First of all, we need somewhere to sit and lie down. Big couches or armchairs are ideal, especially if the latter reclines. There is always the option of taking cushions and pillows from sofas and bedroom and spreading them across the floor.

Add several blankets to the mix as being able to wrap ourselves in soft coverings is both comforting and helps make our chosen resting place even softer and more comfortable. Finally, make sure there is a coffee table or other flat surface nearby as we will need it for the next part in creating the ultimate comfort nest.

Light and Warmth

Keeping warm in the winter can be the biggest challenge. Part of the reason why we are setting all this up is to create a space that brings extra warmth in our homes. Ideally, we will set up in a room that can be closed off from the rest of the house. Then, we actually want to decrease the temperature in the room a little by turning down the heating.

It may seem counterintuitive but the last thing we want is to overheat. Next, we will light some scented candles and place them around the room. The thing is, scented candles put out a lot of heat along with the light and pleasant smells. If we leave the heat up too high, our little cocoon will quickly become unbearable. However, candles are essential in getting the feeling just right so we cannot do without them.

Final Touches

Now that we have created our little cocoon with pillows and blankets and added light and heat with the all-important scented candles, we just need a few more things. First of all, a nice hot drink does wonders, like a gentle hug coming from the inside. Next, we need something to do.

A book or a laptop is ideal since we do not want to move from within our cocoon and escaping to another world is a perfect way to shut out the winter blues.